TimesNext - Pre-Angel Funding
TimesNext - Pre-Angel Funding
TimesNext - Pre-Angel Funding

TimesNext - Pre-Angel Funding

Women Innovate Tech

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TimesNext Pre Angel provides startup funding India that focusses on early-stage ventures

Complete the registration process by filling up the TimesNext Pre Angel form and submit the concluded startup questionnaire provided. Ensure all the subjective questions elaborate your passion for gaining the seed funding India or startup funding India.

Pitch your Idea

Prepare your pitch and present it to us. Potential and innovative startups stand a chance to gain a spot in our highly proficient investment portfolio.

Get Pre-Angel Funding

You're all set! Get pre angel funding from TimesNext, the leading platform for startups in India, and utilize the opportunity to multiply and expand your startup's growth with the startup funding.

Gain PR Support

TimesNext holds strong faith in the entrepreneurial spirit, which is why we provide PR assistance and further benefits under the Pre Angel seed funding India scheme launched by TimesNext. It's your time to shine!

Your Seed Funding India Halo

We understand the efforts you've put into building your startup and aim to be your helping hand in the industry. Under our pre angel funding program, we strive to support the potential startups in India by providing them with the capital needs while they utilize their mental capabilities.

Accelerating Growth for Your Startup

We recognize the capital needs of a startup and want our pre angel funding to help you thrive with a smart start that assists in accelerating growth for your venture.

For doubts, you can get in touch our team at hello@timesnext.com


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