• Roku Channel - Ready To Do It TV

    Roku Channel - Ready To Do It TV

    When you're tired of waiting, then you're ready for... Ready To Do It! TV When you're ready to watch it, assemble it, make it, eat it, play it, build it, enjoy it, or experience it. It's all on Ready To Do It! TV on Roku devices, smart TVs or online. Search "Ready To Do It" on Roku or click the following link to add Ready To Do It TV! to your Roku channels: https://add.readytodoit.tv  Ready To Do It! TV, originally Internetshows.com and InternetshowsTV, was introduced to the entertainment industry at the 1997 Hollywood Film Festival. It received high praises from the Festival organizers and...

  • iWait - Waiting Room Entertainment System

    iWait - Waiting Room Entertainment System

            "WHEREVER YOU ARE WHILE YOU WAIT" Are Your Patients Losing Patience? Wall-mounted TVs continuously play special content specifically selected for each location. while you wait for your doctor, dentist, salon or barbershop. When one show ends, the next automatically begins!   We keep you entertained and informed while you wait with up to 600 channels of exciting and interesting shows for the whole family! Sign up to be part of this project.

  • Film - Sustainable Fashion Film Project

    Film - Sustainable Fashion Film Project

    Fashion Works for the Future Sustainable fashion has become a part of a link to a sustainable future. Awareness of accountability became heightened within the fashion industry since the beginning of the pandemic. Some of the industry has taken on the responsibility of the waste of "throw-away fashion" and a change to the damage to the environment it has caused.Now, there is a new film by award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker, Catherine Bauknight, as she addresses sustainable fashion. The feature film reveals the perspective regarding sustainable fashion awareness since the beginning o...